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Participation Project - Latest News!

Young people who took part in the Youth Highland Participation Project are now getting involved in decision making and leadership within the organisation. Members of YHPP have taken advantage of many different opportunities and are developing skills and ideas to run new and exciting projects at Youth Highland:

Stand Up 

Young people have taken part in various residentials and conferences exploring issues as part of Youth Scotlands Stand Up to Sectarianism project. They have gained knowledge about equalities and skills in challenging stereotypes. We now have a number of young leaders who are developing ideas for a peer led project exploring equalities, rights and responsibilities. If you know a young person who would like to be involved or your club would benefit from involvement in the project please get in touch with us at

Young People Taking the Lead

Young people attended the #YPTTL conference in Glasgow in June 2015 to take part in workshops and training. Next years conference will be organised by young people from the Highland region in partnership with young people from Fife. If you know any young people who would be interested in helping to plan this event please let us know - get in touch at


Participation Project - Phase 3


Alan, Lewis and Dion's Guide To Phase 3

I am Alan ...

I have been on the project before. I really enjoy it and have already gained a lot of confidence from being involved. Since starting the project I have realised a lot of difference in who I am, I used to never talk as much as I do now. I am now speaking out more and asking more questions when I need to. Along with having fun I have also learnt a lot about how youth clubs run and more about what youth workers have to do in certain situations. We have done team building games and ice breakers. I have learnt more about understanding others and what peoples limits are. This year I am doing a lot of work for a silver youth achievement award, we have come up with lots of challenges for each group to do. Along with doing the saltire awards and youth achievement work we also do outdoor activities like archery, mountain biking, zip wire etc... We also get our own free time to socialise and use the facilities at the activity centre. This project has changed my life socially.

Hello. I'm Lewis...

I have only just joined the project and so far I am really enjoying it. I have met some great people. The residential that happened in April was really enjoyable and it gave me some idea of what I will be getting up to on the others. I also think it is really useful that we have the chance to complete awards such as the Silver Youth Achievement Award. It means we all have other qualifications and awards to put on to our C.V. to have a better chance of getting a job. I also really like the activity part of the residential because it broadens my team building skills and its good fun. I hope that I will get the chance to do other activities and have the chance to complete other awards. I also want to gain more skills and friends from the group.

Hi, I'm Dion

I have been on the project for 3 years now and it has really helped in my life.  I'm a lot more confident, being able to speak to new people and I've learnt to trust people a lot more.  It's also improved my attention span.  I've learnt a lot about how youth clubs and Youth Highland works.  I've been involved in employing staff for Youth Highland and am now volunteering with Youth Highland.  I now have an idea of what I want to do in the future.






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