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Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision

An empowered, diverse, innovative and collaborative voluntary youth secotor in Highland.

Our Mission

Youth Highland supports a network of voluntary organisations and groups to help young people to bring about positive change to thier lives and communities using Youth Work Methods and Principles.

Our Values



To achieve our mission we collaborate to deliver high quality, innovative work that includes all young people and empowers them to reach their potential.

How We Work

Our work is based on the 3 Principles of Youth Work and the CLD Plan, Review, Do methodolgy.  This enables us to constantly be aware of young people’s needs, respond to those needs and improve our practice. Our strategy is based on this methodolgy.


Plan Aims
1. A stronger and more financially resilient Youth Highland.
2. Championing the voices of young people and member clubs in Highland.
3. Advocating for the voluntary youth sector at local and national level.


Do Aims
1. Working with young people to identify and bring about positive change to their lives and their communities.
2. All Youth Highland members knowledgable on membership benefit and able to communicate with each other to plan, grow, and share best practice.
3. A trusted training provider of high quality CLD courses – using internal and external expertise – at various levels.
4. A tiered approach to cost so that all groups, regardless of size, can grow and develop.


Review Aims
1. All of Youth Highland’s work refers or relates to the CLD standards and 7 competencies and National Youth Work Strategy.
2. All work monitored, evaluated and evidenced with a flexible mindset so that a focus or direction can quickly be altered, if needed.



You can download our Strategic Plan for 2014 - 2017 here.

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